Life's Chapters

Monday, December 08, 2008

Kodak Moments

Spot the mermaids? =P

Feeding frenzy
(from bread,buns to chipsmore & pineapple

All excited to get on the boat

This was taken during our trip to Perhentian Island. Just before the monsoon season started. By hook or by crook we must step on Perhentian Island in the year 2008. Very poyo rite? hehee... Erin and I were darn scared of the sea. It feels like it's gonna engulf you any minute. When others had like one life jacket on, Erin and I had two! One on us, and another for us to hold on to. You know, precaution-just in case one doesn't work. lol... it's the vast open sea for goodness sake! I always have this thought that if you drown in the sea, you'll go really deep down under and no one could find your body. Silly, I know...hahahaa.. it took the rest ages to drag us into the open sea... finally.. =D

These bunch of guys and girls kept each other sane throughout the hectic one year course. We enjoyed each other's company a lot and though we are scattered all over the country, we know we are bound to come across each other in the years to come. We still have many, many years of service. You tend to miss people with the same wave length as you do. You laugh at the same brand of stupid jokes and they are all such a good sport and great fun to be with. We're in touch by the means of facebook, phones, kursus-kursus, and someone even created a blog for us. Thus, all is not lost.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Catching Up

If you've been reading blogs of fellow Kuchingite, you'll come across posts on several new landmarks in town.

Of course there's The Spring (and I'm only wishing for Burger King and Baskin-Robbins) with an array of outlets to satisfy your pang. There's Sushi King and segalanya lah in here. Cuma masih kekurangan Nandos dan a cinema pending.

There's the Boulevard which is only a stone's throw away from home or in classic traditional Malay way of saying it, tak habis sebatang rokok jaraknya. Easy for me if anytime anyone decide to hangout in Boulevard. =P

People kept telling me that I can sight it from the roadside but this is funny- I still can’t locate where exactly Kamdar is. lol...

As much as these places attract me but first I have lots of movie watching to catch up on. And mostly they're all animations. Well, no one wants to watch Selamat Pagi Cinta with me. Of course I'll be catching Twilight too. hahaa... I am so dragging my lil cousins for Madagascar II...

{ few hours later...}

I finally found Kamdar. hehee.. Got myself the materials that I've looking for and with just the right shade. I'm beaming. Can't wait to get 'em tailored. Hajjah Erina would be green with envy. hehehee...wishing her well. Alhamdulillah, menjadi tetamu Allah di usia yang muda. She'll be leaving for Arafah the day after tomorrow. =) And would have to squeeze in some time to get those Indonesian silk she's been wanting. hmm.. AidilAdha is just around the corner..

Done with Madagascar II. Gave my cousins a treat to Sugarbun as well. =)

Got a date with some of the girls for Twilight tomorrow night. So can't wait. Day after that got a date with Kak Syifa to go order some flowers for her akad nikah and settle a few other stuffs. Okie, this is my first experience being a bridesmaid (zaman tak akil baligh lagi doesn't count, okayh? hehee..). And I'm still a tad bit worried whether what I tailored suits the ocassion. Gabra mengalahkan the bride =P

Tonight am meeting Alie and Diana in Boulevard for some coffee. Will help to get some things off my head for a while at least. Missing Nanie and Hanie. Nak sekeh sekoq2 bila jumpa dorang nie next month. huahahaa.. to go and get ready.